Like many Family Associations, the Association des Prévost-Provost d'Amérique  publishes a bulletin named "Le Prévostal"  every three months.

The name Prévostal means:
  • related to the Provost or Provostship.
  • In France there was a Prevotal Court which was an exceptional court of Justice established from 1815 to 1830. The court's mandate was to judge certain offences - without possibility of appeal.

  • In the French dictionary (Petit Larousse en couleurs, Larousse, 1991 - p.798) defines PREVOT as a derivative of the Latin word PRAEPOSITUS which meant : official in charge.

  • 1.- Royal officer or Seigniorial officer with varied duties (justice, administration, military) in Medieval times and under the old regime (the system of government in France before 1789). There was the Prevot of Paris ; the Prevot of the Merchants, etc.

  • 2.- Police officer in charge of a police department. (Petit Larousse en couleurs, Larousse,1991. p.798)

  • In England, PREVOT became PROVOST but the meaning is the same: an officer in charge:

  • Provost-Marshal ; University and College Principal is called the Provost; Military Police is also known as the Provost Corps and churches have a Provost.

  • In Scotland, the Provost is the Mayor.

Adopted in 2006, the motto Justice et Loyauté  and arms of the association are:

On a quartered shield of azure and gold, a silver fleur-de-lys in dextral canton of the chief, accompanied by a scale of Justice in sinistral canton of the chief. And, a sheaf of wheat in dextral canton of the point accompanied by a ship of gold in sinistral canton of the point.

Here is a list of articles that have previously appeared in the printed bulletin. The title is followed by the number of the issue in which it appeared. Each "Le Prévostal" back issue is available for 6 $ including shipping and handling. The Boutique section describes how to order.