By becoming a member, you are entitled to :
- Propose candidates as administrators and vote;
- Be invited to take part in the Association's meetings and activities;
- Your dues include your spouse and all children under 18 in your household;
- A membership card;
- Receive the Association's bulletin: Le Prévostal.

The Association is considering re-grouping the genealogy by common ancestor. That would make it easier to exchange correspondence and make it simpler to compare family branches. 

The Association can be of help in getting your branch of the Family Tree for anyone interested in the Prevost or Provost family. 

During our family meetings, we invite every member to bring along their Family Tree or Family Chart. Our task is to foster sharing of family information between "cousins". 

Categories of membership

We now offer three types of membership:

To become a regular member: fill the application form and mail it to us with a $25 cheque (or money order) for the annual dues.  The regular member is entitled to receive, by mail, copy of Le Prévostal as well as correspondence and the renewal notice.

To become an e-member: fill the application form and mail it to us with a $20 cheque (or money order) for the annual dues.  The e-member will receive copy of Le Prévostal, all correspondence and the renewal notice by email only. We do not yet offer direct payment through Internet.

We also offer a lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $500. We can make arrangements to extend payments over a number of months, providing the entire amount is paid within the same year. The lifetime member receives the correspondence and Le Prévostal either by mail or by Internet.

Association des Prévost-Provost d’Amérique

Membership Application form


Name :                                                     First Name :                                          

Address :                                                                            Apt :                          

City :                                                          State or Province :                              

Postal (Zip) Code  :                                    Phone : (           )                                  

Email Address :                                                                                                     

Occupation :                                                                                                          

Birth Place and Date :                                                                                            

Spouse Name :                                                                                                       

Father’s Name :                                                                                                      

Mother’s First and Maiden Name :                                                                           

Signature :                                                               Date :                                     

Form of consent : 

Do you agree that your coordinates (name, address and phone number) be published in the membership list of APPA?  Yes              No              Date                                       

Send this completed form and your cheque[1] to :
Association des Prévost-Provost d’Amérique
a/s de Michel Provost, trésorier
498, chemin du Poète, R.R. #3
Prévost (Québec)  J0R 1T0

[1] 25  $ per year for regular membership, 20 $ per year for e-membership and 500$ for lifetime membership

Last update: October 7, 2014