Let us find out the meaning of the four elements that compose our coat of arms. 


The golden aspect of this fleur-de-lis symbolises Old France while the silver aspect of it symbolises New France. Gold (Or) is for faith and nobility, strong evocations of the Old France. Silver (Argent) symbolises richness and prudence, illustrating the expectations of these pioneers in New France.

The background colour, Azure (Blue), symbolises Justice and Loyalty. Also, it symbolises the blue sky of New France.


Composed of nine stalks and ears, it symbolises the nine ancestors who came from Europe and branched out in the New World.

The wheat sheaf also means the fertile land of New France. But above all, it symbolises the imparting spirit and determination of those who came here to find a better living.


The name says it all. It symbolises Justice but also, it symbolises the function exercised by the provost (prévot), source of the meaning of our names. The scale of Justice is sable (black), symbol of humility and temperance.

The background colour, Gold (Or), symbolises the nobility that characterizes the function of the provost (prévot). Also, it symbolises the faith and determination that lead our ancestors to face and overcome the challenges imposed upon them by the crossing of the sea and the establishment on a new land in America. It was not an easy life in New France but, with courage, they learned to make the best of it.


The ship symbolises the crossing of the sea, often difficult and painful, by our ancestors in search of a better future. It symbolises the bond between the two continents. It is of gold (Or) colour, symbol of the faith that drove those pioneers. 

Meaning of the motto


In Old France, provosts (prévots) were assigned various, still, worthy duties through the ages of monarchy and beyond. In fact, they acted as the only local judges at the time of the Capetians. In all circumstances, their conduct had to conform to this ideal.

LOYAUTÉ (Loyalty)

The provosts, while imposing their authority in different fields of the French society, always acted with loyalty to their monarch and their fellow citizens. This spirit still carries through the present in America where the bearers of the name remain loyal to their faith, their convictions and their country.